Citizens & Saints Video

Good music is hard to come by. These guys are one of my favorites. They modernize lots of old hymns which is very cool thing to me. Beautifully crafted music video.

Bernhoft Video

Bernhoft gets busy with a looper in the best way. Love the video too. All shot in a simple room. Focus is on the content. No distractions.

Death to Bullsh!t

Great lecture by Brad Frost on creating authentic, meaningful work and reducing meaningless noise.

“What sets professionals apart from the 90% of crap out there is this term ‘craft’.” – Brad Frost

“Things that are genuinely good will be shared.” – Brad Frost

Dean Bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw is one of my favorite photographers of all time. His ability to tell a story through imagery is incredible. Not only is he a master at lighting subjects / scenes, but he relies heavily on compositing to achieve a surreal and heroic finish that few photographer can pull off.

Dean Bradshaw

Slipknot Video

Absolutely love this video. The details and concept are so well executed. Slipknot is not fond of showing their faces while performing unless they are covered by super creepy masks. This video not only maintains the integrity of their image, but totally takes it to a new level.