26 Lessons Learned in 26 Years

In light of my recent quarter-life crisis, I started reflecting on the years I’ve lived and the unknown future ahead.

During this reflection, I decided to jot down what I believe to be the 26 most important life changing lessons I’ve learned in the last 26 years of being alive.

By no means am I an expert at living. In fact, the exact opposite could be said of me much of the time.

Either way, I thought you might enjoy reading through 26 important hard learned life lessons I hold on to as tightly as I can.

1. You will never truly be great at something you don’t love.

2. Music has the power to heal your soul.

3. The weight of your words are determined by the value of their results.

4. There are few pleasures in this life that are greater than incredible food with incredible people.

5. Success is measured by the lives you improve, not the money you make.

6. Be careful around negative people. They aim to steal your joy and crush your dreams.

7. Regularly practice your passions in life, they are your savior from insanity and remind you of who you really are.

8. Never stop asking yourself why.

9. The first year of marriage is not the hardest. In fact, it becomes increasingly harder as time goes on. The older we get, the more selfish we become. Though the hard times may manifest themselves differently early on, if you do not practice selflessness on a daily basis, you will slowly and painfully damage your spouse and children.

10. Confidence and comfort go hand in hand. Wear clothes you are comfortable in. Spend more money on them if you have to. They will pay for themselves.

11. It takes two to tango.

12. Stay away from open ended commitments. They are bad for everyone involved.

13. No one cares about your excuses. When you screw something up, fix it.

14. If you are serious about reaching your goals, remind yourself of them daily, even hourly, or time will slip away from you dangerously fast.

15. Translation is key. If you disagree with someone, chances are, you disagree with their definition of a critical word, not the underlying principal.

16. Sometimes the best answer is to say nothing at all.

17. Never exaggerate. The second you get caught, you lose all credibility.

18. We are who and what we surround ourselves with.

19. I set the tone for my family.

20. Don’t take yourself too seriously. You’ll eventually snap.

21. Tip more than you have to.

22. Age, experience, title, degree, status… its all bullsh!t. At the end of the day, all that matters are results.

23. Beg for and give brutal honesty. It is essential to personal and professional growth. If you are taking it, be humble. If you are giving it, be gentle.

24. Imagination is more important than knowledge.

25. Always reserve a rental car or you may find yourself stranded at Denver International Airport.

26. Your life is only as good as you make it.

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