Category: Inspiration

Macklemore Video

This might be the most amazing music video I’ve ever seen. Cinematography and production quality is insane.  Filmed with Red Cameras (of course).

Directed by Ryan Lewis, a creative bad ass.  Sets a standard that truly inspires me.

Conan O’Brien Kinetic Typography

Conan O’Brien is no stranger to getting screwed over. His perspective on the effed up NBC situation a few years back is life changing.  Perspective is everything.

“But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

– Conan O’Brien

Dustin Kensrue Music Video

Incredibly powerful song and video by Dustin Kensrue.  His lyrics beautifully describe the painful condition in which we as humans find ourselves in constant struggle: the search for fulfillment. We were created to experience constant fulfillment, but will never find it in the finite.

Ira Glass on Storytelling

Producing work that is as good as your ambitions is crazy difficult. Every time I find myself frustrated with my output (which is pretty much every day), I watch this video and remember I am not alone in the struggle. Good things take time. So does learning to enjoy and respect the process.

David Ramirez Video

Love it when I stumble across an exceptional music video. Far too rare a situation. This is a masterpiece. Once incredible continuous shot. Continuous! Ryan Booth is a total pimp.

Citizens & Saints Video

Good music is hard to come by. These guys are one of my favorites. They modernize lots of old hymns which is very cool thing to me. Beautifully crafted music video.

Bernhoft Video

Bernhoft gets busy with a looper in the best way. Love the video too. All shot in a simple room. Focus is on the content. No distractions.

Death to Bullsh!t

Great lecture by Brad Frost on creating authentic, meaningful work and reducing meaningless noise.

“What sets professionals apart from the 90% of crap out there is this term ‘craft’.” – Brad Frost

“Things that are genuinely good will be shared.” – Brad Frost