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Hi, I'm Chris

A designer with a focus on user experience architecture, interface design and front end development.

When I'm not working alongside brilliant minds to create beautiful, usable products, you'll find me playing guitar, drinking scotch like a gentleman and spending time with the people I love.

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Random Facts
  • I'm 29.
  • Happily married.
  • Scared of commitment.
  • Obsessed with great design.
  • Obsessed with learning new things.
  • Obsessed with perfection.
  • Obsessive.
  • Own a surfboard but can't use it because South Florida refuses to produce surfable waves.
  • Have 10 years professional design experience.
  • Believe experience is the proper investment of time, not just the passing of time.
  • Have made tons of mistakes.
  • Believe failure is making the same mistake twice.
  • Love helping people.
  • Love teaching people.
  • Beleive you're only as good as your team.
  • Suck at spelling.
  • Had a roommate in college who gave himself weekly enemas in the bathroom. You do not want to know how I found out. (No joke. Also, no offense if weekly enemas are your jam.)
  • Believe communication is all about what's heard, not what's said.
  • Still confused about why Batman is classified as a superhero. He has no super powers. Am I the only one who sees this?
  • Work tirelessly to improvise, adapt and overcome as the medium in which design is most effective rapidly evolves.
  • Absolutely love what I do.


"Simplicity is much more than the trite 'less is more' we so often hear. Simplicity is not about volume; it's about clarity."
- Joshua Porter


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